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How it works

Moonshots Development is a product and venture builder, serving as a launchpad for pioneering innovations with a strong focus on deep tech.


Over the past decade, before starting Moonshots, the team at Moonshots Development has played a pivotal role in supporting 40 startups, collectively securing more than $100 million in investment and generating exits valued at over $400 million. Our fervent dedication to product and distribution design has driven the inception of Moonshots Development. We are disciplined in product design, business model design, go-to-market, and fundraising.

1. Building the foundation

  • We scout for unique research and partner with talented entrepreneurs to identify opportunities, transforming ideas into blueprints for new ventures.

  • We commit time to product design, brand design, business model design, go-to-market design and, hence, the blueprints of a fundable venture.

2. Going from Zero to One.

  • We unlock pre-seed capital to de-risk technology by getting to version one of the product. 

  • We help prepare the company for a seed round, which will start the process of de-risking market adoption and achieving product-market fit.

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